Future Retro was established in 1996 by Jered Flickinger with the help of Jon Flickinger. We are a family based business dedicated to hand building top quality analog instruments for today and tomorrow's musical artists. With every product we strive to provide the highest standards of quality and workmanship, easy to use interfaces, unique and powerful features, and of course, the distinct FR sound we are known for. Customer support and helping each and every customer meet their needs is top priority.

We will continue to provide upgrades, add-ons, parts, and services, to prevent our products from becoming obsolete. Giving users the most flexibilty in their work is a top priority! Most of all, we want your feedback. Tell us what you what you like or dislike about our products, as well as what features you would like to see in new products. All your input is appreciated.

I have always had a great love for electronic music, analog synthesizers, and the all the pioneers in electronic music. Growing up listening to such groups as Jarre, Kraftwerk, LFO, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, and many more, these groups opened my eyes to the possibilities of electronic music. At the age of 14, I started experimenting with making electronic music, as well as DJing. After graduating from high school, I went on to music engineering school, and shortly after became a resident DJ in the club scene for five years, while also working in music stores and record shops. During this time, I started modifying and building synthesizers, which led to the development of the 777 and the start of Future Retro. Here we are today, more than fourteen years in business, continuing the development of new products, and being an active part in the electronic music scene. On 07/07/12 Future Retro celebrated its 15th anniversary. Click here to learn more about our history!

My father and teacher, Jon Flickinger is the true electronics genius and I give my love and credit to him. In 1976, he started JMF electronics, where his company designed and manufactured music instrument tuners, guitar and bass amplifiers, loudspeakers, mixers, and so forth, and later sold the company to Dean Markley. Jon then went on to designing and maufacturing computer interfaces and hard drives under the name Xetec Inc. Jon is now retired, yet he still remains the creator he always has been by doing all the programming for the 777, Mobius, and Revolution products, as well as building and customizing hot rods.

Special thanks to Marc Sirguy for his work in writing the code for the XS MIDI to CV processor.

I would also like to thank my family and friends for all their love and support in making this dream come true! And all the artists using Future Retro products, we couldn't do it without you!

Keep the wind beneath your wings, and your eyes on the Future.

Jered Flickinger